Em decorrência do agravamento da pandemia global do Corona vírus (Covid-19), o
Grupo Lachmann implementou desde o dia 17/03/2020, medidas que visam a
proteger a saúde dos nossos colaboradores e a de todos os cidadãos brasileiros,
adotando ações de segurança recomendadas pelos órgãos competentes de saúde.

Adotamos o sistema de escalonamento de plantão, com alternância nos nossos
escritórios, ou em sistema home office, como medida para reduzir a circulação do
nosso staff e manter os cuidados necessários com a prevenção neste momento.

Todas as ações que estamos adotando visam a reduzir os riscos e foram planejadas
cuidadosamente, de maneira a garantir a condução dos serviços, o atendimento às
demandas dos nossos clientes e o cumprimento das diretrizes de saúde pública.

Estamos comprometidos em manter as nossas atividades e a garantir que os nossos
Clientes continuem recebendo a mais alta qualidade dos nossos serviços.

Agradecemos toda a confiança, atenção e entendimento dos nossos Stakeholders.

Crew Change at Brazilian Ports

Dear Customer,

In addition to our previous information on this subject, the Brazilian Government updated the temporary restrictions for crew to sign-off, through the Interministerial Ordinance nbr.201 dated 24th April 2020, whereas crewmembers are not allowed to sign-off. Exceptions are only applicable for medical reasons, or repatriation to take place on the same day of the crew disembark. It will however prevail the rule, that the crew must be on board for at least 14 days, counting as from the date that the vessel called at the first Brazilian port.

The restrictions does not apply for:

1- Brazilians, born or naturalized;

2- Foreigners with permanent residence, for a fixed or indefinite period of time;

3- Foreigners on a professional mission to an international organization, duly identified;

4- Foreign nationals accredited by the Brazilian Government;

5- Foreign:

  1. a) families of a Brazilian citizenship;
  2. b) that hold a specific authorization by the Government due to public interest and
  3. c) bearer of the National Migration Registry.

These restrictions will remain in force for the period of thirty days.

We are always available to you.

Kind Regards

Lockdown at São Luís

Dear Customer,

Sao Luiz, capital for the State of Maranhao situated in the North East of Brazil, and that includes the ports of Itaqui, Ponta da Madeira and Alumar, on May 5th  went into a complete lockdown due to Covid-19,  that is presently scheduled to last until May 14th.

Port operations will not be affected, having been considered to be an essential activity for the country’s economy.

With reference to crew changes, and as per standing legislation in force since April 24th from Anvisa (health authorities) that includes all Brazilian ports, crewmembers are temporarily prevented to sign-on and or off, at least until May 24th, but subject to a possible date extension.

Exceptions are for medical reasons other than Covid-19, and after the off signers remaining on board for at least 14 days since vessel’s arrival at the first Brazilian port. In such cases, the crew must travel directly from the vessel to the airport to fly on that same day.

We are always available to you.

Kind regards

Repatriation Procedures

Dear Customer,

In addition to our previous information with reference to crew change, the signing off of crewmembers is authorized only under two conditions, namely: medical emergencies and repatriation by air to the country of origin.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) is responsible to grant permission with the endorsement of Anvisa (Health Authoritiy) and the Immigration.

It is required to apply to MRE  (Secretariat for National Sovereignty and Citizenship Affairs – Tel: + 5561-2030-8733, e-mail for the crew to disembark for repatriation advising the flight details.

To apply for repatriation, is mandatory to provide to MRE the following  crew information:

  • Crew destination (airport, city and country);
  • The vessel and port in Brazil;
  • Crew names, dob, nationality, passport and seamens book numbers
  • Flights numbers, dates and times.

The MRE will analyze the application, and in conjunction with the other already mentioned authorities, can issue the repatriation authorization.

We are always available to you.

Kind regards