Dear Clients,

In view of the resolutions from Santos Municipality and Sao Paulo State Government, that
determined the closure of the commercial activities, our Santos office is prevented to render
attendance at the reception desk, due to the building compliance with the said resolution, where
our office is established. As an alternative, we offer our clients the release of the original
documents via our on line system ‘DocsApp’, where the documents can be collected after the
full procedure is completed ‘PRONTO’.

For ready reference and access to the system, please click on the link , and read the enclosed
client manual.

Exceptionally, the attendance at the reception desk will take place during office hours (from 9
to 11 am and from 1:30 to 3:30 pm) daily, at the building main entrance, being exclusive to
releases scheduled on DOCsAPP. Documentation and cargoes release, are also taking place
online via system.

Lachmann Agencia Maritima Ltda. (In case of subject: CMA CGM ) (In case of subject: NYK ) (In case of subject: Grimaldi )